• What are computer graphics?

    As consumers, we are bombarded by graphic messages in various forms every day. Their aim is either to inform or initiate a reaction from us.

    Computer graphics software allows a skilled designer to conceptualize and manage the various pieces which make up these messages and combine them together like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle to make a picture that works.

  • Do I need previous experience to do courses at Keyline?

    A Grade 12 pass is required and, although no previous intensive computer experience is necessary, basic mouse and keyboard skills are required.

  • Do I need my own computer for the duration of the course?

    Time is built into the course for students to get exposure to the practical computer applications as each student is assigned their own computer in class.

    However, having a computer at home, with the appropriate software, allows you more practice time after hours.

  • Do I need to be artistic to make a career out of what I learn?

    You don’t have to be a suffering artist eating canned beans to be creative.

    An understanding of traditional and contemporary artistic techniques will help to create a design style for a computer graphic artist, but most students develop their style using the software and techniques they learn during the course.

    A number of job roles need visual co-ordination skills and a flair for attention to detail through observation, with little or no need for pure conceptual or drawing skills.

  • Why can't I do the course in two days?

    The key to successful implementation of these technologies lies in the quality of ‘hands-on’ training delivered to staff and students that need to use it. We are adamant that at least 18 hours of hands-on, instructor led training is needed per program before the learner can go out into industry and begin using the software properly. Our modules are structured accordingly.

    • It must be appreciated that the programs are hugely powerful and in our experience we have found that after 3 hours, training becomes less effective.
    • Our modules are therefore broken up into 7+ sessions of 3 hours each on alternate days to allow students time to revise and come back to class with any questions. From our experience, we find, that spreading it out like this results in better absorption and retention of the curriculum.
  • Will successful completion of the course prepare me adequately to enter industry?

    Yes, successful students enter the industry as junior DTP operators, web designers, front-end web developers, and more, and become more marketable as they gain experience.

    Keyline was the first Durban based training centre to be awarded Adobe Authorised Training Centre status, the professional standard of international recognition for Adobe training partners.

  • Are Keyline’s trainers suitably qualified?

    All trainers at Keyline Graphics are Adobe Certified Instructors with both industry and training experience.

  • What facilities does Keyline offer?

    Keyline Graphic’s Training Centre is a specialised learning and working environment equipped with state-of-the-art Apple Macintosh hardware and the latest versions of industry standard digital design software.

    To ensure that each student receives the highest level of individual hands-on tuition, each course runs with an average of only 10 students, with their own dedicated workstation for the duration of their course.

  • What makes Keyline special?

    Compared to conventional tertiary institutions Keyline Graphics offers a unique learning environment where you receive individual attention and experienced mentorship. We are committed to your success which is only limited by your commitment to yourself.

  • How can I check out the facilities?

    Feel free to contact us to come in for a tour, or why not come along to one of the Durban Adobe User Group meetings, where you can meet some of us. Current and ex-students also come to these meetings, so you might be able to chat to them too.