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Creative tools should allow us to move easily with our ideas from concept to delivery, with lots of room for exploration, iteration, and refinement. The goal of creative freedom is the driving force behind Adobe Creative Cloud: a connected experience that opImagens up your options, including core video capabilities like broad native video format support, Dynamic Link, and CC libraries – and sleek new features, like Motion Graphics templates, the Essential Sound panel, Camera Shake Deblur, and more.

And it gets better. With over 250 video technology partners, innovative integrations extend the Adobe workflow in all areas of production. More than 140 of those partners will be with us at NAB 2017 with lots of new tools, showcasing the spectrum of connected Adobe workflows available to content creators of all stripes, from cameras to playout, and everything in between. Here are just a few of the highlight.

Surround by 360 VR

BorisFX (SL6824) will be presenting their new Mocha VR plug-in for Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects, which leverages planar tracking for 360 post-production tasks like rig removal and stabilization. Mettle (N913VR) will show-off the latest Skybox Studio cinematic 360/VR tools running on Dell EMC Precision workstations. Mettle also has an amazing line up of VR filmmaker presenters at their booth, and – can you believe this? – hip-hop pioneer Mix Master Mike will be performing there on Thursday morning, April 27. Jonathan Winbush (who created Magma Chamber a 360VR experience for Mix Master Mike) will be presenting a new 360VR promo piece for the new AMD Ryzen CPU line at the AMD booth (SL7620) created with Adobe and Mettle tools and AMD graphics. Nokia is bringing a technology demo to NAB with their OZO camera, exporting stitched VR footage and spatial-orientation metadata into Premiere Pro, showing how the workflow for 360 content can be simplified.

Mettle Skybox Studio 2.0 for Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Streamlining live-streaming

Telestream is making waves with their Wirecast solutions for live-streaming, including new support for Adobe Character Animator CC, enabling realtime webcasting of live animation. Now THAT sounds like fun! SlingStudio (N5135MR) is introducing a new, cost-effective system for live streaming multi-camera productions – and importing the whole set-up onto the Adobe Premiere Pro Timeline, including the live-switched program. SlingStudio will be available for sale at B&H (C10916) – another great Adobe partner – in May, 2017.

You can never have too much (graphics) power

AJA (SL2505) will showcase HLG (Hybrid Log Gamma) HDR playout from the new release of Adobe Premiere Pro using new AJA KONA 4 and Io 4K hardware. The aforementioned AMD (SL7620) will also be showing off the lastest Radeon Pro graphics. Adobe’s Jon Barrie will be presenting at AMD booth daily at 10:30 am. Bluefish444 (SL10021) will also show off the latest Adobe video tools with new KRONOS video, audio and data I/O cards for 4K HDR, high frame-rate playback. NVIDIA Quadro P6000 GPUs will strut their stuff in state-of-the-art Dell and HP workstations at the Adobe booth (SL4010). With more and more demanding 4K, UHD, VR, HDR, HLG, and HFR content, goodness knows we need more graphics horsepower – and a new dictionary – just to keep up!

Workhorse workstations at NAB

Dell EMC (SL9111) will exhibit in a big new booth at NAB with a focus on post-production solutions, including 4K uncompressed Adobe workflows using fast new Isilon Nitro storage. And yes, they can even top that: Hollywood editor Vashi Nedomansky, will give a presentation about the native 6K RAW workflow – yes, you read that right: 6K – used on upcoming feature film 6 Below with Adobe Premiere Pro, NVIDIA graphics and Dell Precision workstations. Dell EMC is also a sponsor for a long list of Post|Production World 2017 courses offered by Adobe training partner FMC (SL118180), with brilliant master trainers like Christine Steele, Jeff Greenberg, Rich Harrington Jarle Leirpoll, and others.

Other workstation partners at NAB 2017 include Puget Systems (SL13707), who’ve done some very cool benchmarking studies with the Adobe video tools, Boxx Technologies (SL10930), and of course HP (SL2424) which today announced the new HP zBook Mobile Workstations with server-grade processing power. HP is also showing their new 4K HP DreamColor display, ideal for color-critical workflows, like the Lumetri color tools in Adobe Premiere Pro.

HP z840 workstation with HP DreamColor display

Production automation

The aptly-named Automate-IT (SL8124 with Aspera) will be demonstrating factory v2, which streamlines complex production and delivery workflows, including sleek Adobe integrations. BitCentral (SU2610) will present the latest CORE:news™ integration for Premiere Pro and Adobe Media Encoder that allows editors to select optimal encoding based on available time-to-air for broadcast content. Marquis (SL9030) will present EDIT BRIDGE, which facilitates Premiere Pro and After Effects integration with Avid Interplay. Evolphin (SL9913) will show the latest version of Zoom VideoFX for connecting production tools, asset and archive management, and external transcoding, and featuring integration panels for Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects, along with their existing asset management support for other Adobe Creative Cloud apps, like InDesign CC, Adobe Illustrator CC, and Photoshop CC.

More media = more storage

All these big new media files need more storage and more speed. We’ve already given a shout-out to Dell EMC Isilon, and that’s just one of our amazing storage partners at NAB, a list that includes Harmonic (SU1210), Promax (SL10216), and Object Matrix (SL5405). Object Matrix has just announced support for Adobe XMP for extracting metadata from media assets. Remember: metadata adds value to media!

Adobe’s Karl Soule is talking about Thunderbolt workflows with Lacie storage at Seagate (SL9724) on Wednesday, April 26 at 2pm. Seagate will be showing the whole gamut of storage solutions from Lacie desktop devices to large post-production facilities, including Quantum Stornext file systems technologies and ATTO network arrays.

You can also see Quantum (SL9724) and ATTO (SL9611) in their own booths where they will be showing their latest storage and infrastructure solutions respectively. OpenDrives, with whom we’ve partnered on Hollywood successes like David Fincher’s Gone Girl, will be at the Waskul TV StudioXPerience (SL2424). Promise Technologies (SL6821) are bringing their Thunderbolt expertise to NAB and desktop storage and upgrade specialists OWC (SL8905) will be there as well.

Covering your asset management needs …

The volume of video content is growing almost exponentially today. Media Asset Management (MAM) systems help users stay on top of their files, not only finding what they need, but also to track what content has been used where, track approvals, work-in progress, and much more. At NAB 2017 Empress (SL14509) will showcase eMAM3.8 with improved Adobe integration and support for Team Projects (Beta), the collaborative editing toolset built into Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Adobe Media Encoder (included with Creative Cloud Teams or Enterprise accounts). Niels Stevens, on the Adobe video team, will give a presentation at the Empress (again, that’s SL14509) on Monday, April 24 at 2pm.

Cantemo (SL9024) is unveiling a new Cantemo Iconik™ hybrid cloud solution for distributed production workflows with Premiere Pro and Team Projects. IPV (N5925) is presenting the latest edition of their Curator solution for enhancing remote production workflows with integrated panels for Premiere Pro and After Effects, perfect for … you guessed it: Team Projects! And, on the subject of projects … Vizrt (SL2416) is adding new project management features to their Viz One integration for Premiere Pro. Vizrt is also hosting a social event with Adobe at their booth (SL2416) on Tuesday, April 25 from 5-6pm. Please join us there, if you’re at the show!

IPV Curator 0 integrated Media Assessment Management for Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Taking control: input devices

Keyboard and mice, look out! With touch surfaces and other ingenious input ideas, there are a lot of options for precision control of the Adobe creative tools. Dell Canvas (see title image at the top of this post) is one new example, offering a large touch enabled desktop (as in, and actual “desktop”) that includes pen and Totem devices. Adobe has just added support for Timeline scrubbing via the Dell Totem, and Microsoft Surface Dial.

Palette has announced full Adobe Premiere Pro support for their fun controllers: button, dial, and slider modules that attach magnetically in any configuration you want. Tangent Ripple is a portable color-grading panel with excellent Premiere Pro and the Lumetri color tools. The Presonus FaderPort is a compact audio controller, a great addition to Adobe Audition. All three of these cool controllers will all be in action in the Adobe booth (SL4010).

And so many others …

DJI (C2807)will be showing daily demos with Aaron Grimes editing drone content in Adobe Premiere Pro … and these are just a small sample of the Adobe partner technologies coming to NAB. There are at least 103 partners I haven’t mentioned in this post, but you can find them all at the show, on the web, and by searching our Technology Partner Program page. Many of our partner plugins and integration panels are available on our Adobe Add-on marketplace. We also have a nice selection of Adobe video partner tutorials on our YouTube playlist.

The trend towards tighter integration and interoperability is obvious. We’re proud of open architecture of our applications – designed to connect – and we’re proud and grateful to our many partners for the ingenuity with which they extend the Adobe workflow to meet the many different types of production needs of our customers. This is what connected creativity looks like.

Learn more about what’s new in the latest release of Creative Cloud video and audio tools, Premiere Pro and Media Encoder, After Effects, Audition, Character Animator, and Adobe Stock.

Check out the Adobe booth (#SL4010) at NAB 2017 theater schedule


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