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Earlier this year, we celebrated our adorable canine friends in honor of National Puppy Day. It’s only fitting then, that we also give love to our favorite felines! Cat lovers around the world are uniting this Saturday, Oct. 29 to overrun the internet by celebrating #NationalCatDay.


It’s not just the popularity of Grumpy Cat, Lil Bub, and Colonel Meow telling us that cats really do rule the world. It’s also the cats of Adobe Stock – all 432,074 of them, to be exact. With #NationalCatDay around the corner, we pulled some cat-tastic stats to help you celebrate. Because everyone can agree on one thing – cats and the internet go hand in hand.

According to data from our Adobe Stock team, top search terms on the service include, “cats,” “black cats,” and “funny cats.” Measured in downloads, the top three most popular cat colors are orange (officially known as the Red Mackerel Tabby), followed by brown cats and black cats. “Cats on vacation,” birthday cats,” and “cats in meadows” are among our favorites from the list of the top 100 search terms. And yes, we’ve got something for all of them!


“Stock photos of animals are always popular and in demand. Users from the US account for some of the most downloads for cat content,” said Zeke Koch, senior director of product management for Adobe Stock. “And it’s no surprise that cats, as one of the most popular animals, are also highly favored with creatives globally.”


Most cat image searches and downloads are cheerful, featuring happy or cute felines, including images of cats and dogs playing together (another top search term).


Surprisingly (or maybe not), content downloaded for black cats tend to be more moody or sinister – just in time for Halloween!

To see how felines also fare in the real world, we spoke with Mandi Hart, Shelter Manager of the Santa Cruz SPCA. “We do see a quicker rate of adoption for kitties with orange or Siamese-type coloring,” said Hart. “Orange tabbies are known to be more outgoing and friendly, whereas tortoiseshells can lean toward the shy and sensitive side. However, when a black cat has an awesome personality, they don’t stick around too long!”

Here’s to your own search for the perfect Grumpy Cat, Lil Bub or Colonel Meow this #NationalCatDay!


Amy Goldstein

Amy Goldstein

Amy Goldstein leads social media strategy for Creative Cloud and Adobe Stock at Adobe. In her free time she can be found practicing yoga, writing short stories and essays, traveling, and dancing to live music.


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