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Summer is just around the corner, and with school breaks and family holidays on the horizon, Adobe Stock’s buyers are looking for authentic and timely images of the season from around the world. If you’re planning on heading out for vacation, that’s a perfect opportunity to shoot local, in-demand content for the stock marketplace.

If you have content that falls into any one of the below categories, we encourage you to upload them them via our Contributor Portal, or directly from Lightroom CC or Bridge CC. If you are submitting video files, you can now upload directly through the integrations with Premiere Pro CC.

Summer activities

Individuals and groups engaged in summer activities, such as swimming, sun tanning, surfing, picnicking, and vacationing. Emphasis on diversity and authentic interactions between subjects. Stock photo veteran Peter Hannert of Cavan Images advises to focus on interactions between people rather than just landscapes, as as these interactions are always unique, and so you have a greater opportunity to capture something truly special.


Seasonal food

Food and beverages typical of summer, including barbecues, iced beverages and fruits. People interacting with each other in social settings around food.

Bodies of Water

Tranquil and tumultuous depictions of oceans, lakes, seas, and ponds. Families and individuals enjoying the scenery and participating in water sports and activities.


Adrenaline sports

Action-packed water sports, such as paragliding, hang gliding, sailing, swimming, surfing, diving, and jet skiing.

Cabins and lodges

Tranquil homes in rural environments, including tents, camper vans, cabins and lodges. Groups of people and individuals enjoying peace and quiet in these surroundings.


Connected Travel

Technology enabling travel. People using mobile devices to plan trips, check in to hotels and flights, and to stay connected to family and the office from remote parts of the world.


Local Content

Scenes from major North and South American cities including Los Angeles, New York, Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo, and Rio de Janeiro. Scenes from major Europeans cities such as London, Paris, Madrid, and more. Scenes from Asian cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Tokyo, and Seoul. See the complete list of our cities in our Content Needs PDF.

Remember that if you are shooting recognizable people or landmarks, you will need to obtain a release in order to submit those images and videos. Watch our tutorial on shooting stock on vacation to brush up on legal guidelines, and visit our HelpX page for more information.

If you need a little inspiration, check out our dedicated summer lifestyle gallery.

The Adobe Stock Team

The Adobe Stock Team

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