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Today we’re releasing an update for Premiere Pro CC 2017. The 11.1.1 update contains two important bug fixes, and is highly recommended for all users.

You can install the update through the Creative Cloud desktop application, or you can check for new updates from within any Creative Cloud application by choosing Help > Updates. Please note that it can take 24 hours or more for all of our global data centers to receive the update. If the update isn’t available for you right now, please check back later.

The 11.1.1 bug-fix update for Premiere Pro addresses an issue with the recently introduced feature to clear the Media Cache Folder automatically after 90 days.

The update changes the behavior of the media cache deletion. With 11.1.1, only files that are within the Media Cache folder’s subdirectories will be deleted. Files that sit next to it will no longer be affected. However, we still strongly recommend keeping the Media Cache folder separate from your original media.

If you want the cache files to be available for a longer period of time (the default is 90 days), it’s easy to change the preference by going to Premiere Pro CC -> Preferences -> Media Cache.

The second issue addressed with this update is a variation in peak amplitude when normalizing all peaks on audio clips. This no longer results in extreme positive or negative values.

Patrick Palmer

Patrick Palmer

Senior Product Manager for Video Editing at Adobe

He is responsible for the overall strategy of Premiere Pro CC and Adobe Media Encoder CC.
Coming to Adobe as the former COO of IRIDAS, he has helped test, drive, demonstrate, and lead development of products for film and broadcast professionals since he joined the industry in 2001. Throughout his journey he worked on numerous groundbreaking technologies such as uncompressed real time playback, GPU based color grading, the real time RAW engine for digital cinematography workflows, award winning tools for stereoscopic post production and, more recently, on the Lumetri color tools in Premiere Pro and the framework for HDR and VR in Adobe’s applications for professional video.

Patrick is a worldwide spokesman for Adobe Creative Cloud for professional video and can often be found leading seminars and workshops on cutting edge technology


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