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Great design is an iterative and shared process. We’ve had the incredible opportunity to work with you over the past year in building Adobe Experience Design. Since the introduction last March, you’ve wowed us with what you’ve created and where you want us to go.

Your creativity and passion inspire us daily, and so we wanted to say a big thanks to you, our community, for joining us on this journey. With every release, our goal is to empower you to bring your creative ideas to life, to demonstrate an engaging digital experience to the people you work with, and ultimately make your design process faster and simpler.

This release improves the flow of design feedback and enhances design capabilities for Windows 10, as well as delivers bug fixes in direct response to your feedback. We can’t wait for you to try the latest version. We look forward to seeing what you create with XD.

What’s New in Adobe XD?

Resolve comments on Shared Prototypes

With this release, Adobe XD allows you to better manage your incoming feedback by adding the ability to resolve comment threads. Resolved comments are removed from the main view and moved to a separate view. You can toggle between unresolved and resolved comments. Unlike deleted comments, resolved comments can be moved back into the main conversation, if needed.

Comment threads can be resolved by either the owner of a comment thread (the person who wrote the top level comment) or a prototype’s owner.

Zoom tool

The Zoom tool (Z) , which allows you to click to zoom in and Alt+click to zoom out, is now available on Windows 10. You can also marquee select over an area to zoom in. Need quick access to this tool? Press and hold Ctrl+Space to enable the zoom tool temporarily and let go to return to your previous tool.

Copy & paste from Photoshop and Illustrator

Now on Windows 10, quickly bring your assets from Adobe Photoshop CC and Illustrator CC into Adobe XD. Just copy your vector shapes from Illustrator, paste them into Adobe XD, and you’re done.

In Photoshop, make a selection using the marquee tool, use the Copy Merged option to select the content from multiple layers and paste the selection as a bitmap into XD. You can also bring content in SVG format by using Photoshop’s Copy SVG feature.

Align to pixel grid

Once you have all of the visual elements in your design, one of your last steps before exporting assets is to ensure they’re on pixel. You can now easily do this on Windows 10 by selecting your objects, launching the context menu with a right click, and selecting “Align to Pixel Grid.” XD will push your objects to the nearest whole pixel, ensuring you have the highest fidelity on output.

Aspect ratio lock

Scaling paths like icons have never been this easy; you can now select the aspect ratio lock in the property inspector in Windows 10 to ensure all of your resize operations are always aspect locked.

In addition to all of these features, we’ve focused on improving performance and stability on all of our platforms.

What’s Next?

In the upcoming months, we’ll be continuing to focus on bringing Adobe XD for Windows in closer alignment with the Mac version, while still investing in the ecosystem as a whole.

We have a lot planned and are looking forward to our next monthly release.

We Want to Hear from You!

Designers from all over the world are influencing how we prioritize features. Our team continues to listen to you and we love getting your feedback on UserVoice, Forums, Twitter and in person! So, please keep the conversation going.

You can follow us on AdobeXD for updates or reach the team on Twitter using #AdobeXD hashtag.

When sharing your prototypes on Behance, don’t forget to tag them with #MadeWithAdobeXD and select “Adobe Experience Design” under Tools Used. Here are some designs from Zachery NielsonIsaac Powell,  Eileen Beredo and Carlos Pariente.

Dan Tuhoarca

Dan Tuhoarca

Dan Tuhoarca is a product manager for Adobe Experience Design CC. He is passionate about improving people’s lives with technology and great design. He co-organizes Product Tank Bucharest, a monthly meetup for the product community in Romania. Dan enjoys reading and he loves combining interdisciplinary wisdom in his work, with interests spreading from psychology to history, art or philosophy. You can find him on Twitter at @dantuhoarca


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