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CSS allows us as designers and developers to provide the best visual and user experience for our customers. With CSS, we can take the content on our site and manipulate it to meet our design needs. Beyond styling a website, much of what is possible in terms of site interactions in JavaScript is also possible with CSS. By learning CSS you will be able to create more complex interactions for your users and ultimately level up the experience and design of your sites.

This post will provide a guide to resources and activities you can use to continue learning CSS as well as an activity to reinforce what you learned in our Facebook Live session. Missed the session? Watch it now:

Learn to Code Activity

Use this Dreamweaver activity to continue working on the project you started in the first Facebook Live session!

All About CSS

These resources give in-depth information about CSS and will help reinforce concepts and terminology you learned in our first Facebook Live session.

  • CSS – Styling the Web – MDN gives a great overview of CSS for the beginner.  Check it out to review what we learned in the Facebook Live session.
  • A Reference Guide to CSS – All the CSS properties you could want  in one place with descriptions.
  • CSS Basics – “Everything you ever wanted to know about the basics of CSS.”

Practicing CSS

These resources give you a chance to practice your CSS skills.

  • Learn Layout – This tutorial will help you learn how to best use CSS to layout elements on your page.
  • CSS Cross-Country – Explore the fundamentals of CSS, and review all the web-styling tools needed for front-end efficiency.
  • CSS Beginner Tutorial – “The purpose of this guide is to teach the bare essentials – just enough to get started.”

Learning Dreamweaver

These resources from Adobe focus on helping you learn how to code in HTML and CSS with the help of Dreamweaver.

Taking the Next Step

These resources will help you take your CSS to the next level.

  • The Specifics on CSS Specificity – In order to best understand CSS, you have to understand how to target certain HTML elements with proper CSS Specificity.  This article gives a great overview on how CSS specificity works.
  • All About CSS Floats – Learn about how floating works in CSS, what the quirks are, and how to avoid CSS bugs when you float elements.
  • The Difference in CSS Display Types – The different types of display properties in CSS can be confusing.  This article will help you understand the differences in the display values and when to use each one.
  • CSS3 Essentials – This article is a great review of the basics of CSS with some more advanced CSS3 concepts.

CSS Resources for New Coders

These resources are a few of the most popular for beginner and advanced coders alike.

  • CSS-Tricks – This website includes articles, tutorials, and answers to CSS FAQ’s.  It’s a great resource to find answers to all of your CSS-related questions.
  • Tuts+ – This site has a ton of great tutorials on coding and design.
  • Smashing Magazine – Articles on everything design and development
Abby Larner

Abby Larner

Abby Larner is a designer and front-end developer turned product manager. She’s passionate about helping using her experience to build useful products for designers that will make design and coding easier and that will help designers and developers become better at what they do. She’s a fitness fan and arts and crafts enthusiast. In her free time she loves playing ultimate frisbee and squash, and using her Illustrator skills to design sewing projects.


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