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Taking a glance into someone’s shopping cart in the supermarket is one of life’s guilty little pleasures – a quick glance into someone’s world, giving you a moment to piece together their lives and imagine their personality and lifestyle.

We’re introducing a new series for all you designer ‘Peeping Toms’ out there. Every two weeks, ‘Inside the Designer’s Shopping Cart’ will take a look at the last five Adobe Stock assets licensed or last five trends and subjects searched for by leading creative professionals and agencies around the world.

This week we’re talking to Photoshop whiz Jesus Ramirez, founder and presenter of the Photoshop Training Channel. His Adobe Stock purchases are all related to a very exciting interactive project that will be unveiled at Adobe MAX next week at the Community Pavilion.

“Since I am currently working on Adobe Stock’s Make a Masterpiece project , all my latest licensed images (and searches) have to do with recreating the The Just Judges painting by either Jan van Eyck or Hubert Van Eyck (1430–32),” shares Ramirez.


Here are the last 5 images that Jesus put in his Adobe Stock shopping cart and his reasons why.

1. Meadows in Mountains in Summer

This image was chosen because the long grass matches the large patch of grass found above the rock structure in the painting. It would also be easy to mask using Photoshop’s grass brush.

Meadows in mountains in summer


2. Dark Gray Slate Background

This rock structure is very similar to the one in the painting. It also has good contrast and it would be to change the color to match the painting.


3. Landscape With Sky

I need several cloud elements to match the clouds in the painting. This particular image was chosen because of the large cloud in the center of the image. This cloud could be shaped and distorted to match one of the clouds found in the painting.



4. Collection Tree Isolated on White Background

The painting contains a lot of trees. I wanted to save time masking the trees and I know that Adobe Stock has many isolated elements that could be easily masked and used for compositing. This particular image contains four trees that are similar to those found in the painting.



5. Golden Straw Hay Bales in American Countryside

The grass found in this image is similar to the grass found behind the trees in the painting. There is also depth to the image and that could be used in the painting.



If you’re attending Adobe MAX make sure to stop by the Make a Masterpiece gallery.  You can help Jesus finish his recreation as there will be a workstation setup throughout MAX for attendees to join the fun.

For all of you not attending MAX, follow us on social to see the project come to life.

The Adobe Stock Team

The Adobe Stock Team

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