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With customers’ today craving more and more content across many channels, the speed at which brands must create highly-relevant, personalized content is dizzying. More than paying lip service to the fact that we’ve created relationships with our customers, we need to dazzle them—and the key to success in this ongoing love affair is content.

As an informed business owner, you know you need content. And you know that you need to deliver it — frequently. But if you’re not doing content well right now, you’re not alone. According to a recent Adobe report on the state of content and design, 41 percent of small to mid sized businesses don’t have a content marketing  strategy in place and only 10 percent are proud of the quality of the connections they are making with their customers.

There’s never been a better time to accelerate content creation for hungry customers. But the real innovators are aligning content creation to the overall experience an audience has as it interacts with it. Content means customers, which means sales and staying in business. Pursuing a deeper commitment to your customer while strategically keeping up with content production, that’s the secret sauce. Here’s how to make your content work for you—to maximize creation with valuable, relevant and engaging content that woos customers on the journey to conversion.  

Learn content synchronization. Work smarter, not harder by getting more use out of the content you’re currently creating. Content synchronization lets you efficiently share assets that already exist with your other teams, avoiding the need to create it from scratch. Give content creators and designers’ access to content through a centralized location—a repository with brand guidelines, colors and logos intact. Access to well-researched content that meets the needs of your customers will give you more opportunities to interact, paving the way to a long-term commitment with regular engagement.

Shape the experience. Great content ties together, clarifies, and enhances the story you want to tell with your brand, but it also taps into the pulse of what your customers want. Don’t guess or rely on whatever worked in the past. Lean on your marketing analyst and customer experience teams to share the data and use it to create a content strategy that works. Shape the experience by breaking down barriers between creators and data analysts to better meet customers’ needs for a top-notch experience. 71 percent of small and medium-sized businesses are looking to invest in mobile this year and 90 percent are ready to try their hand at creating mobile apps. Be sure you have creatives ready with skills to produce mobile-first content.

Repurpose every message. Content — whether it’s your logo, your social media images, or a sales webinar you recorded — can be repurposed for different teams and channels. To keep repurposed content from becoming too familiar and to keep ideas flowing, call in reinforcements. Involve not just your customers, but your other key audiences too — like employees and partners. Building a culture of content with your front-line people, as well as your back-office and sideways teams, will help find the less-usual and even unusual content contributors.

Fortify your bonds. Repurposing content assets and recruiting contributors will help you work smarter. But fortifying your content strategy with processes and tools will get you working smart-est. Your A-team yearns to be not just productive, but profound. And you want this too. Invest in cloud-based technology and tools for smooth, flawless, cross-publishing — versus wasting your team’s time and sapping their dreams with resizing and reformatting. Also, consider managing your volumes of content with machine learning to stay organized and keep files accessible. 56 percent of SMBs surveyed said asset version control is a factor in slowing the content-creation process.
Wrap up a great customer journey with the content to match and break down barriers between design and a truly memorable customer experience. For more details on assessing and managing content, read Mass Producing Deliciousness, and then get to work on building those customer relationships.

The Creative Cloud Team

The Creative Cloud Team

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