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Being two months into the new year, it’s the time to revisit the resolutions you set for yourself in the beginning of the year. While some people are hitting their goals, others are struggling to keep the resolutions they set for themselves January 1st. Lifestyle changes and improvements are still top of mind for everyone, but are hard for people to stick with. We’re here to help you reinvent your resolutions. We took five of the most common resolutions and gave them a creative spin to reinvigorate your commitment.


The most common New Year’s resolution is to lose weight. Whether it’s through better eating habits or spending more time exercising, people want to be healthier in the new year. Combining creative passions with physical well-being is a great way to make your 2017 mentally rewarding and healthy. An open air fitness session can also be an opportunity to exercise your photography skills or draw inspiration from a beautiful landscape.

Take a hike with your phone to take pictures or a small notebook for quick sketches and you’ll be able to capture some of nature’s unexpected moments. Italian photographer Lukas Furlan photographed Iceland’s different ecosystems while hiking across the country.


2017 can be your year to travel and explore the world. Whether you’re exploring the next town over or traveling to a distant land, new environments and places can supply the inspiration you need for your next project. The variety of sights and sounds in architecture, museums, and eclectic people can provide a new canvas for your work. Challenge yourself to find inspiration in these new locations. Freelance filmmaker and photographer Aaron Grimes spent 10 days driving a red VW camper van around New Zealand, capturing video footage and photos.

Keep track of your adventures this year with a travel journal. Adobe Creative Resident Christine Herrin put a spin on the traditional travel journal by creating her own Everyday Explorers Journal. Inspired by her love of travel, Christine wanted to create a place where people could capture moments that make you smile and jot down the little details you may have overlooked in the past. Christine even created a free zine for people to start using on their adventures.


Spend More Time with Family and Friends

At times we get lost in the art and don’t spend enough time with those that we love. Family and friends can provide the biggest form of inspiration and support. Art can be a tool to help foster compassion and families can foster that sense of connection and inspiration.

Adobe Creative Resident Syd Weiler decided to use her platform and artistic ability to benefit the causes she believed in. She asked family, friends, and audience to donate money to an institution and, in return, she would draw them a small portrait. She was able to connect with her community through giving back to the community. She also raised $1,800 for charity.

Save Money

Making art doesn’t have to be an expensive process. From a used tire to a dirty puddle, artists have found inspiration in anything. Often the right tools happen to be in your own home already. Instead of purchasing a professional camera, which can cost you thousands, many people have found themselves taking high-quality images and videos from the phone in their pocket. Check out some of the year’s best photos that were taken using only an iPhone.

Photos aren’t the only things you can do with your phone; you can create videos to capture those random everyday moments. Adobe Creative Resident Sara Deitchy is an advocate of filming with your phone. Sara uses interesting angles, varying perspectives, and multiple functions (like slow-motion) to create a stunning video blog. Watch as Sara documents New York City with her iPhone 7.

Learn Something New

“New Year, new me” as they say. Challenge yourself in 2017 to try something different. This can be the year where you push your creative limits and learn how to make hand lettering graphics, learn to code, become a Stock contributor, sell your work at a craft show, or be featured on Creative Cloud’s Instagram. There are so many things we can do to keep learning and become better creators.

Ruben Ruiz

Ruben Ruiz

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Ruben Ruiz is the Community and Channel Manager for Creative Cloud and Adobe Stock’s social media channels. Ruben loves all things social media and enjoys going to Disneyland every time he is back home in Orange County.


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