Businesses are under a lot of pressure to produce project materials quickly, and designers are always looking for ways to work more efficiently to keep up with the demand. Adobe Stock offers thousands of artist-made templates for Photoshop CC and Illustrator CC that help users jump-start their design work. Templates are a great way to save time because they are already setup for common project types. Designers can easily customize template files with the appropriate images, text, and company branding elements.

The following five styles are great for businesses and are just a small sampling of the many professionally designed templates that Adobe Stock offers, all of which integrate with your Creative Cloud for Business membership.

Business Cards

What business doesn’t use business cards? These templates allow you to explore how you want your key information organized and presented in the correct layout.

Petr Vaclavek/Adobe Stock

Print Projects

Brochures, flyers, and other print projects are common for business customers. Save time on formatting with a variety of options for your company’s needs and jump right into the customization work.

Creativedash/Adobe Stock

Infographics and Icons

Creating visually compelling infographics is easy with Adobe Stock templates. Different styles include icon options so you can present your information clearly and accurately.

graphics4u/Adobe Stock

Mobile Mockups

The need to showcase proposed designs suitable for mobile platforms has become a common ask of designers. Mockups for computer screens, tablets, and smartphones let you show the multiple formats of your project vision.

Twin Design/Adobe Stock

Social Media Layouts

Understanding how your company’s brand will translate onto social media is important to get buy-in from stakeholders. These layouts let you insert your company’s brand assets easily with key image and text placeholders matching a common social media profile.

Owen Jones/Adobe Stock

Learn more about Adobe Stock templates here.

Sandria Tran

Sandria Tran

Sandria Tran is the senior product marketing manager for Adobe Stock. She’s originally from San Jose and is currently based out of the Adobe San Francisco office. In her free time, she enjoys yoga, travel, and spending time with family.


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