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We have another update for you! This release includes workflow and UI improvements to Find & Replace, a new onboarding and start screen experience, and so much more.


The new Dreamweaver has a ton of new features that make coding your website faster and a lot more efficient. We wanted to make it easier for beginners and existing users to get started quickly. In Beta 4, there is a simple onboarding experience that helps you set up Dreamweaver to best suit your design and coding needs. The steps include selecting your UI color theme, picking the workspace that matches your needs, and helpful tips about the latest features. The onboarding experience only appears the first time that you use the application. Check it out now!

There is also a new Start Screen with quick access to creating a new file or starter template as well as open a recent file or one from your CC files.



We have also received significant feedback on the new Find & Replace. With Beta 4, by default the “replace-all” workflow is now a 1-step process. If you need to selectively replace search results just check the “exceptions” box. Beta 4 also includes an improved Find and Replace UI that is easier for searches that have multiple lines of code or large amount of query text. The Find and Replace input fields appear large, and could be expanded further when needed. The Find & Replace bar also contains more prominent “Show More” and “Close” buttons. Lastly, the advanced options too are more easily accessible.


As with every update, we eagerly look forward to your feedback. Download Beta 4 today and let us know what you think. The Dreamweaver Beta has been an incredible journey, and we feel proud to collaborate with a community that is so deeply passionate, involved, and committed to contribute to the future of Dreamweaver.

THANK YOU for all of the feedback, please keep your comments flowing on UserVoice!

Suhas Yogin

Suhas Yogin

Suhas Yogin is a Program Manager with Adobe Systems. He drives projects for Adobe Dreamweaver and Adobe Preview products. Web, Social Media, Data Analytics, and SEO are some of the things he loves indulging in. When not at work, Suhas spends his time learning and practicing Indian Classical Music.


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