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Six weeks after we released the modern Dreamweaver, we’re back with another update. While the focus of this update is stability, we’ve also built a workflow for customizing code colors, based on feedback from you. Now, with Dreamweaver CC 2017.0.1, you can do the following:

  • Create Code Themes, based on default Dark and Light themes

Customize Code Colors in Dreamweaver CC 2017

  • Edit existing code themes

With the new coding engine, code themes are determined by LESS files, packaged along with Dreamweaver. If you are not familiar to coding LESS files, not a problem. Download the Token Inspector, that lets you visually identify CSS selectors associated with distinct parts of your code. Thereby, modifying colors associated with these selectors, will help you customize code colors and hence the themes, themselves. Do follow instructions on this Help page when you’re customizing code themes.

Some of the other issues addressed in this update are:

  • HTML entities in JavaScript and JSON are overwritten with symbols on file reopen after save.
  • [Mac only]: Clicking on OK button in “Configure RDS Server” dialog was not saving RDS settings
  • ID and class code hints are not displayed on typing . or # in related CSS files.
  • In Korean and Japanese locales, compound characters disappear while typing and clicking outside current IP position or pressing Spacebar.
  • On clicking the Replace All button in the Find and Replace dialog, Dreamweaver does not replace all matching instances in template files

For a full list of all issues fixed in this update, please see Known Issues page.

Download this important update to ensure you’re taking full advantage of not just the custom code color capabilities, but also all of the critical stability-related fixes.

As always, we’re keen hear your feedback, so please send us your thoughts on our UserVoice page. Your votes and comments tilted the decision in favor of providing the ability to customize code colors – please keep your feedback flowing!

Suhas Yogin

Suhas Yogin

Suhas Yogin is a Program Manager with Adobe Systems. He drives projects for Adobe Dreamweaver and Adobe Preview products. Web, Social Media, Data Analytics, and SEO are some of the things he loves indulging in. When not at work, Suhas spends his time learning and practicing Indian Classical Music.


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