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All creatives are unique, with their own preferences, styles, and ways of working. Whether they are riding the subway, sharing ideas with colleagues in a multiple cities, or working on their own at home or in the office, they need tools and technologies that help them work quickly and creatively. Creative agency Havas understands that there’s no one size fits all solution, so it gives its creative team access to the range of software and services in Adobe Creative Cloud for enterprise to make it easy for them to work in the way that suits them best.


From graphic designers to photographers and video professionals, Havas creative pros work together to create high-quality work and meet strict client deadlines. Teams access shared storage through Creative Cloud so they can stay in sync, while having access to their own tools and preferences.

“Being able to use Creative Cloud Assets from device to device is as if I’m just bringing my toolkit with me,” says Chuck Anderson, Creative Director of Design, Havas Chicago. “If I’m on the train I’ll sit there and open up the Photoshop [Sketch] app and I’ll be putting ideas together. Just being generally more flexible and mobile with the way that we work has lent itself well to the need for clients to have things quickly.”


From building a physical workspace that inspires creativity to providing devices, software, and services that are both powerful and flexible, Havas is paying attention to what creative teams need to do their best work and fuel the agency’s success.

“Now they have an entirely new dimension that they can create in, and watching what they do with it is always amazing to me,” says Michael Uccetta, Technology Director, Havas Chicago. “That creative juice that flows is what drives our business.”

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