Video Pre-Production Overview

It is an undeniable fact that ‘moving pictures move audiences’. Think of how you react to video, from Hollywood blockbusters to TV advertising, it grabs us and we just can’t look away. Whether it be an idea, an emotion, a process or logic, a well planned video can communicate this with strength and impact, while also elevating the brand in the consumers mind.

However, the production process is important to make this work. Every video needs a ‘story’ and this ‘story’ must make sense, therefore a script is important to keep the message on target. Within the other Pre-production and production considerations there are a number of variables to manage to make sure you are maximising the shoot, whether you are putting together an internal staff training video for the companies various branches, a corporate profile video to go on the companies YouTube channel, or an advert to go on the companies website.

Video Pre-Production At Keyline

Keyline is an Adobe Authorised Training Centre. Our course lecturers are certified and have extensive experience in the media communications industry.

Training outlines are subject to change if Keyline deems it necessary. We often cover more than advertised dependent upon a particular class dynamic.


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30 November 2020       (09h00 – 15h30)
22 February 2021          (09h00 – 15h30)

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