6 Month Course
Video & Digital Design

Learn professional content creation for new media

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5 July 2021

What is digital communication design?

The computing revolution has shaped the way that various parts of a printed, online, or digital piece are created and managed. From magazines to eBooks; electronic menus to interactive apps; digital media has created a radically expanding industry, and human-computer interaction is shaping how this communication material looks and behaves.

  • What will I learn?

    This course begins with graphic design modules to learn about the proper generation and harmonious interaction of elements like text, pictures, illustrations, animations and interactivity that will ensure that a piece is attractive, engaging and conveys the intended message. Thereafter you will move onto electronic interactive media and learn how proper preparation will ensure that the desired result is achieved in the complex print, web or electronic environment. Conceptualise, create and edit print based media and electronic media with video, engaging interactive presentations and animated 3D models.

  • Is this for me?

    You can find yourself, and find a career you will be happy in, while also not wasting years of your life and loads of money. Our Adobe based Digital Design courses incorporating Graphic Design, Desktop Publishing and Web Design or inclusive of Video Production, Interactive Media and 3D Modelling will give you digital skills you can use to generate income for the rest of your career, while also exposing you to solid business and brand communication function.

    Have tons of practical fun while learning skills that will put any business at a distinct advantage in the competitive advertising and communications industry – after just a few months of training! In fact, you can be employable in industry, in under 6 months!

    Keyline’s courses are carefully crafted training programs constantly developing around an industry that knows only one constant… Change!

About this course

PRE-REQUISITE A DTP & Web Design qualification or a basic working knowledge of Adobe’s Creative Suite collection is required.

At the end of this course you will master design for electronic media online or offline from a smart phone to the big screen. The course will include 3D renders, professional video & mobile applications for business.

  • Advanced Adobe Photoshop
  • Advanced Adobe InDesign
  • Digital Publishing Suite
  • Video Production
  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Design Process & SEO
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Video Pre-Production
  • Audio Production
  • WordPress
  • Game Design
  • iOS & Android for Business
  • Maxon Cinema 4D (3D Modelling)
  • Social Media Development
  • Principles of Photography
  • Mobi App Design
  • Adobe Audition
  • Portfolio & Self Marketing

Payment consists of a deposit upon registration to secure your place, and the rest in 4 equal monthly instalments.

Up front: R32 500.00 All Inc.


Deposit: R12 800.00 Plus R5 550.00 x 4 Instalments

Students write both theory and practical tests after each module and will also have the opportunity to compile their own personal portfolios.

On completion of the full course with the required attendance requirements, the student will write a final examination which consists of both Practical and Theory.

The minimum pass mark is 60% and a Certificate will be awarded to each student on graduation. The certification indicates that they have been trained at an Adobe Authorised training centre, the professional standard of international recognition for Adobe training partners.

Extra lessons are held once a month on a Saturday free of charge for groups of students who feel they might be falling behind and need extra help. Dates will be scheduled at Keyline’s discretion based on availability of the training resources.

PRE-REQUISITE A DTP & Web Design qualification or a basic working knowledge of Adobe’s Creative Suite collection is required.

Creative Talent

The ability to draw or understand artistic theory is not a requirement. Successful DTP and conceptual digital design work is achieved by ‘drawing’ knowledge through observing information presented all around you every day.

You don’t have to be a ‘suffering artist’ eating canned beans to be creative!

That being said, learners with artistic backgrounds would excel with visual perception and raw illustration techniques, which is advantageous.

However, there is no distinct pattern difference in the quality of portfolios produced by our non-artistic and pre-artistic students.


Completion of your matric is strongly advised.

Yup, many prospective employers believe its got to be done. Whether it’s really evolved to be a reliable testing and reward system remains to be judged. It is a national system nonetheless, so we highly recommend a matric level pass before attempting to enter the communications industry.


Energetic, curious and hard working with a good attitude is a recipe for success. If you…

  • are lazy and like to be spoon fed
  • are not resourceful or lack the will to be
  • need to really be pushed to take initiative
  • generally like the easy way out

…then this is not a career option for you.

The industry is demanding and South Africans are world renowned for their work ethic, so be prepared to reap the rewards of hard work, steady dedication, and a consistent learning spirit.

If you are serious about your career, we are serious about helping you get there!

The average pass rate for this course is 85% of students.

The Keyline learning environment is very unique compared to conventional tertiary institutions.

Our students are not just a ‘filled seat’, but are taken under our wing who we get to know well and want to see succeed in the industry.

We are sincerely driven in this quest and our commitment to our students is only limited by their commitment to themselves

The learning process is unconventional and students don’t spend hours having to listen to and absorb chapters of theory, but are rather constantly stimulated by a fun and real world practical application teaching format, which ensures the course keeps their enthusiasm and interest all the way through to exams and portfolios.

Sounds too good to be true? Well, no career is a walk in the park, but it is amazing what the course can do for you with a little bit of effort and a healthy dollop of enthusiasm!

The course fee includes the supply of all stationary requirements, bags, books, support notes and demo software.

Students are also required to take down notes during lectures, which we find helps them remember detail and enables them to record procedures in a way thats easier for them to relate to at a later stage. There are no other mandatory costs involved.

Student Feedback
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  • R
    PRICE R32,500 Or
    DEPOSIT R12,800 Plus R5,550 x 4 Instalments
    5 July 2021
    Monday to Friday mornings (08h30 - 12h30)