Cinema 4D Overview

Cinema 4D® (the 4th D is time!) contains everything you need to create high-end 3D images and animations.

Professional 3D animation tools have never been easier to use. Cinema 4D’s intuitive interface and logical workflow make it possible for those new to 3D artistry to dive in and be productive quickly. Feedback is smooth and interactive so you can let your creativity run free.

Maxon Cinema 4D works beautifully alongside Adobe software such as Photoshop and After Effects to compliment any designer’s toolkit.

Cinema 4D At Keyline

Keyline is an Adobe Authorised Training Centre. Our course lecturers are certified and have extensive experience in the media communications industry.

Training outlines are subject to change if Keyline deems it necessary. We often cover more than advertised dependent upon a particular class dynamic.

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