How to Stay Innovative After Acquisition: Insights from the Former COO of Behance

[ad_1] Header image by Juan Díaz-Faes via Behance Just over four years ago, William Allen was working as the COO at Behance when Adobe acquired the company. Allen has continued his work at Adobe, now a Senior Director overseeing Behance, 99U and Adobe Portfolio. In the tech world, that kind of commitment to a gig

Guiding Principles for Connecting Design and Development Teams

[ad_1] I recently took part in a debate on the relevance of design documentation, and one question that came about was, ‘what do developers expect from design documentation?’ Do they expect to have everything specified straight from the start? The styles and exact measurements for each component, having all the use cases covered? From my

4 Essential Elements to Forming Successful Agile Teams

[ad_1] Over the past few years, I’ve been predominantly working in the financial services industry, more specifically in the investment banking area. Banking being one of the most challenging environments to push the boundaries of great user experience, is largely the reason for this decision. I believe retail, corporate and investment banking are way behind

Storytelling in Product Design: Achieving Team Alignment through Narrative

[ad_1] One of the most challenging aspects of designing a product with a team is getting alignment. How do you get all of your stakeholders on the same page and agreed on a direction? This is especially tricky in the early phases of strategic planning, when project goals are undefined and evolving. At this fluid