Hiring Trends in UX Design: The 6 Things You Need to Know About Tech’s Fastest Growing Field

[ad_1] UX design is hot right now: companies have never been more invested in making sure their users, customers, and clients have a positive experience with their websites and apps. Adobe set out to uncover the latest hiring trends in UX design and the results point to one big conclusion: ‘UX designers’ are now as

The Key Thing UX Designers Can Learn From Toyota’s Newest Concept Car

[ad_1] Toyota’s new concept car—the aptly named Concept-i unveiled at CES—vows to revolutionize the relationship drivers have with their vehicles. Here’s what UX designers can learn from the auto manufacturer’s new approach to the driver experience. When it comes to automobile innovation, people love talking about driverless cars. Yet it wasn’t autonomous vehicles that caught

The Best of Conversational UX in 2016

[ad_1] In 2016 we saw continued excitement and hype around ‘conversational interfaces’ and ‘chatbots’. Several trends are contributing to this phenomenon – according to Business Insider, we are now spending more time in messaging apps than on social networks, and artificial intelligence and natural language processing technology is progressing rapidly. This had led to lots