Stock Content Wanted: Summer Lifestyle

[ad_1] Summer is just around the corner, and with school breaks and family holidays on the horizon, Adobe Stock’s buyers are looking for authentic and timely images of the season from around the world. If you’re planning on heading out for vacation, that’s a perfect opportunity to shoot local, in-demand content for the stock marketplace.

Stock Content Wanted: Environment and Industry

[ad_1] Adobe Stock customers are looking for images, videos and vectors of the environment and industry – everything from scenes from the farm and the factory, to people interacting, protecting and improving the natural environment. More and more brands are becoming environmentally conscious and with Earth day only a month away, the time to submit

Stock Content Wanted: Travel & Landscapes

[ad_1] Landscapes and cityscapes may seem like two polar opposite subjects. One embraces nature, the other human civilization. But they both have the power to inspire awe and wanderlust, and transport us to faraway lands and foreign cities. They let us marvel at the power of Mother Nature and at the ingenuity of human invention. Adobe