Contributor Spotlight: Eugenio Marongiu

[ad_1] Adobe Stock Contributor Eugenio Marongiu is known for his intimate, contemporary portraits. His background in photojournalism gives him a unique perspective on creating images that are authentic and reflect real life. We spoke with Eugenio about his journey into the stock photography industry and his process behind crafting captivating images. Adobe Stock: Can you tell

Shin Godzilla Roars Into US Theaters

[ad_1] Some movie monsters never seem to go out of style. The most iconic example is Godzilla, who is crushing his way back onto the big screen in Shin Godzilla for a week-long limited run in the United States from October 11-18, 2016. Already a huge box office hit in Japan, the film follows the

Filmmaker Mike Pecci Builds His Own 4K Video Production System

[ad_1]  Mike Pecci loves telling stories, whether on film, in photographs, on the page, or just over beers at a bar: “Storytelling is what makes me feel alive.” With over 15 years of filmmaking and photography, he remains fascinated by character development and obsessed with capturing the essence of a small moments – which shows

Contributor Spotlight: Kit8

[ad_1] Illustrations can capture reality and transport you to another world. Mixing interesting topics with cool characters, Kit8 has created their own reality based on attractive scenes and colorful illustrations. We spoke with Kit8’s Art Director Dmitry to find out more about the agency’s poppy images. JOSSDIM / ADOBE STOCK Adobe Stock: Tell us a little about