Coachella 2017: Behind the Scenes with Album Art Designers

[ad_1] In less than two decades Coachella has come to dominate the music festival landscape. But behind every great band is great album art. Album art represents a meeting of music and design that can create captivating results. We sat down with some of the designers whose album art will be featured this year on

March Trend Exploration: Women Inspiring Women

[ad_1] This Women’s History Month, we’re reflecting on the role of women in creative professions. In this week’s Trend Exploration, we look to female artists who’ve overcome barriers in male-dominated creative fields, and whose work is breaking stereotypes and reimagining our images of women. Women inspire women. No artist creates alone — there are always

Playing on the Team: Sports Branding and Design

[ad_1] When an athlete rises in the ranks as truly extraordinary (think Michael Jordan, David Beckham, or Simone Biles), a variety of opportunities arise for them to partner with sports brands. However, determining how the two collaborate takes careful thought. Sports are big business, and like any vertical market, there are specific design considerations when

2017 Chinese Zodiac Predictions for Creatives

[ad_1] Happy Chinese New Year! Year 4715 for China begins on Jan. 28, 2017 and, according to the Chinese Zodiac — known as Sheng Xiao, it is the Year of the Rooster. Sheng Xiao uses a person’s year of birth to identify their zodiac animal. Every 12 years, a person encounters their Ben Ming Nian