Professional Brochure Templates | Creative Cloud blog by Adobe

[ad_1] Photoshop and Illustrator comes with professionally-made Adobe Stock brochure templates to launch your projects faster, for both paid and trial Creative Cloud users. All you need to do is sign in to your Adobe ID and download. Our templates have three distinct benefits that separate us from the rest: QualityThere are a variety of

Behind the Scenes of Abstract: The Art of Design With Christoph Niemann

[ad_1] Netflix’s stunning eight-part docuseries, Abstract: The Art of Design, has started conversations about design around the world — and, we want to continue those conversations. In this editorial series, we sit down with some of the artists and designers featured in Abstract to go behind the scenes and gain a deeper view of their

Illustrator CC’s Anniversary Updates Are Waiting for You

[ad_1] In honor of Illustrator’s 30th anniversary, an update for Illustrator CC 2017 is now available! This update will make your designing life a lot easier: easy cropping of images, a redesigned Color Themes panel, performance improvements to the New Documents panel, and various stability enhancements. In this release, we’ve added a highly requested feature

Illustrating Animals With 13 Circles: A Tutorial And Drawing Challenge

[ad_1] Editor’s Note: New year, new challenges! You might have set up your New Year’s resolutions already, but if not, how about designing something… different for a change? Today, we’re happy to introduce Dorota1, an artist who created a fun little project last year that was inspired by Twitter’s new logo based on 13 circles2.