Registration for MAX 2017 is Now Open

[ad_1] Adobe MAX – The Creativity Conference Las Vegas, NV Venetian | Palazzo Oct 16-Oct 17 Preconference Oct 18-Oct 20 Conference Join over 10,000 of the world’s top designers, creative directors, video and photography professionals and others for the premier creativity conference. MAX provides hands-on training from best-in-the-business experts in creative labs and workshops along

Designing With Neon: How to Incorporate Neon Colors Into Business Design

[ad_1] “It’s as if the camera was murdered, and chalk was drawn around its body. Murdered at sundown.” That’s how The Guardian’s Hannah Jane Parkinson described the drastic change in Instagram’s logo as it debuted in May 2016. She wasn’t the only one to lambast one of the most recognizable logos in the world. Others

A Partnership that Really Pops: Innovation in Engagement Marketing

[ad_1] What happens when you take 16 talented digital designers skilled in industrial, graphic, UX and product design, and immerse them in a bootcamp on Adobe’s latest creative and collaboration tools? Can you imagine the outcome when they are then plunged into an intensive 3-hour challenge that requires innovation, teamwork and rapid adoption of a

Using Typography to Illustrate Your Brand Voice

[ad_1] Typography is evolving in a big way — what once was a design element limited to print has been forced to adjust to digital screens. And those screens range from miniscule to enormous across a variety of devices. For designers, no type is safe from digital deterioration. Even symbols as timeless as curly quotation

Photoshop CC Adds Support for OpenType−SVG Fonts: An in-depth look

[ad_1] I love seeing how thoughtfully designers use typography to add meaning to their projects. From greeting cards to posters to webpages, the popularity of using picture or color-filled glyphs (characters) for communicating is growing. But, to achieve this effect has often required time-consuming and restrictive methods like importing each picture glyph as a separate