How to Create Satisfying Content for your Customers

[ad_1] With customers’ today craving more and more content across many channels, the speed at which brands must create highly-relevant, personalized content is dizzying. More than paying lip service to the fact that we’ve created relationships with our customers, we need to dazzle them—and the key to success in this ongoing love affair is content.

Adobe Stock Templates — Changing the Game for Designers

[ad_1] We can all agree that design is important, but knowing how to produce professional-looking and persuasive designs – and doing it efficiently – is what will make you successful. One way to help jump-start your creativity and speed up your workflow is to use design templates. Officially available since November, Adobe Stock templates are

Creative License

[ad_1] All creatives are unique, with their own preferences, styles, and ways of working. Whether they are riding the subway, sharing ideas with colleagues in a multiple cities, or working on their own at home or in the office, they need tools and technologies that help them work quickly and creatively. Creative agency Havas understands

Mobile is Changing Creative Collaboration

[ad_1] Collaboration is at the heart of efficient business processes. McKinsey original research found that the average knowledge worker spends 28 percent of their week managing email and another 20 percent looking for internal information. With the right collaboration tools and better communication, streamlined workflows are increasing worker productivity 20-25 percent. For creative leaders, the