A Partnership that Really Pops: Innovation in Engagement Marketing

[ad_1] What happens when you take 16 talented digital designers skilled in industrial, graphic, UX and product design, and immerse them in a bootcamp on Adobe’s latest creative and collaboration tools? Can you imagine the outcome when they are then plunged into an intensive 3-hour challenge that requires innovation, teamwork and rapid adoption of a

Exceptional Design Takes Brands to the Next Level

[ad_1] In today’s saturated digital landscape, how do you create content that not only stands out, but also delivers an exceptional customer experience? The answer: it all starts with design. Design compels which sneakers you buy and makes a mobile app indispensable. And, well designed content makes or breaks any marketing campaign. Creating this type

How to Create Satisfying Content for your Customers

[ad_1] With customers’ today craving more and more content across many channels, the speed at which brands must create highly-relevant, personalized content is dizzying. More than paying lip service to the fact that we’ve created relationships with our customers, we need to dazzle them—and the key to success in this ongoing love affair is content.

HFF Makes Every Property Look its Best

[ad_1] When buying property, they say only three things matter: location, location, location. But the perfect location can be different for every business. A hip coffee shop may want a bustling, quirky neighborhood with lots of foot traffic, whereas a startup company may prefer to be in a centrally located office building with room to

Implementing Security Measures Without Sacrificing Efficiency

[ad_1] In this age of continuous content, creative agencies are faced with improving their production environments to meet increasing client demands while remaining competitive. With both budgets and timelines shrinking, agencies need to be as efficient as possible to maintain quality and creativity without falling behind. HAKUHODO i-studio, the digital creative agency for Hakuhodo DY

Creative License

[ad_1] All creatives are unique, with their own preferences, styles, and ways of working. Whether they are riding the subway, sharing ideas with colleagues in a multiple cities, or working on their own at home or in the office, they need tools and technologies that help them work quickly and creatively. Creative agency Havas understands