Registration for MAX 2017 is Now Open

[ad_1] Adobe MAX – The Creativity Conference Las Vegas, NV Venetian | Palazzo Oct 16-Oct 17 Preconference Oct 18-Oct 20 Conference Join over 10,000 of the world’s top designers, creative directors, video and photography professionals and others for the premier creativity conference. MAX provides hands-on training from best-in-the-business experts in creative labs and workshops along

Creating a 360° Facebook Photo World

[ad_1] With the evolution and growing popularity of 360°-style photography, photographers and designers can create worlds of their own imagination, allowing viewers to experience it from seemingly endless angles. Sharing an immersive view of your world, real or imagined, is easier than ever with social platforms like Facebook giving fans the option to upload interactive

Coachella 2017: Behind the Scenes with Album Art Designers

[ad_1] In less than two decades Coachella has come to dominate the music festival landscape. But behind every great band is great album art. Album art represents a meeting of music and design that can create captivating results. We sat down with some of the designers whose album art will be featured this year on

Inside the Designer’s Cart: Ingrid Tsy

[ad_1] This month we’re taking a look inside designer Ingrid Tsy’s Stock shopping cart. Ingrid’s thought-provoking piece, “Styx,” is a stunning example of how an artist can bring together multiple sources of inspiration, including stock images, to create something wholly unique. We asked Ingrid about the ideas behind her work: “I find that dynamic forms

WSU Student Creates Viral Tonight Show Video With Creative Cloud

[ad_1] Daniel Radcliffe is usually the one with audiences under his spell, but this time, it was Jake Sirianni’s turn to do a trick. To draw attention to his internship application (number 9816558) for The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Jake took footage from one of the late-night talk show’s most popular videos — a

Artist Spotlight: Ingrid Tsy | Creative Cloud blog by Adobe

[ad_1] 3D artist Ingrid Tsy previously caught the attention of Adobe when she was tasked with creating the landing page images for Adobe Marketing Cloud’s Target and Primetime. Her signature style of fluid lines, sharp textured patterns and surreal color pairings have brought her recognition in the design field. The futuristic, highly abstract designs lending

Artist Spotlight: Alex Palazzi | Creative Cloud blog by Adobe

[ad_1] “Don’t play with your food” is a phrase drummed into our heads from childhood, one we generally abide to (at least in the comfort of our own home). Digital artist Alex Palazzi, another artist featured in our list of 20 Creatives to look out for in 2017,  does exactly the opposite when he creates his

January Visual Trend: Digital Art Gets Delicate

[ad_1] In response to an ever increasing industrialized world, people are gravitating towards handicraft. For professional designers, this pull to handicraft isn’t about shunning technology, but rather embracing it. The once familiar boundary between fine art and digital art is blurring, and due to new tools — such as tablets and the Apple Pencil and

Photoshop CC Adds Support for OpenType−SVG Fonts: An in-depth look

[ad_1] I love seeing how thoughtfully designers use typography to add meaning to their projects. From greeting cards to posters to webpages, the popularity of using picture or color-filled glyphs (characters) for communicating is growing. But, to achieve this effect has often required time-consuming and restrictive methods like importing each picture glyph as a separate