Contributor Spotlight: Jodie Johnson | Creative Cloud blog by Adobe

[ad_1] Jodie Johnson is a lifestyle and interiors photographer and Adobe Stock Contributor based in Melbourne. With her background in advertising, she is perfectly poised to understand the needs of the buyer. We spoke with her about her journey into the stock industry, the lessons she learned and the advice she wishes to share with budding

April Visual Trend Exploration: Remote Travel

[ad_1] When you think about the environment, do you picture your own backyard, or do your thoughts drift to exotic locations — maybe lush rainforests or remote mountain ranges? For many of us, our lives are becoming more urban, so we’re looking to out-of-the-way places to help us rebuild our connection with nature. According to

Hayden Zezula and Project Felix: Experiments in Light

[ad_1] In 2016, Adobe asked a group of designers to use a pre-release version of Project Felix in their work. Their feedback allowed the Project Felix team to better meet user needs. In this editorial series, we share the experiences of some of those designers, what they learned, what they accomplished, and what they can

Creating a 360° Facebook Photo World

[ad_1] With the evolution and growing popularity of 360°-style photography, photographers and designers can create worlds of their own imagination, allowing viewers to experience it from seemingly endless angles. Sharing an immersive view of your world, real or imagined, is easier than ever with social platforms like Facebook giving fans the option to upload interactive

April Visual Trend Exploration: Earth Day and Conservation Photography

[ad_1] In honour of Earth Day, we’re exploring the roles individuals and organizations play in spreading awareness of environmental issues, and the role images play in these conservation efforts. To get some insight, we spoke with accomplished conservation photographers and Adobe Stock Contributors Peter Chadwick and Tasha Van Zandt. Transcendent photos with an earthly mission.

Inside the Designer’s Cart: Ingrid Tsy

[ad_1] This month we’re taking a look inside designer Ingrid Tsy’s Stock shopping cart. Ingrid’s thought-provoking piece, “Styx,” is a stunning example of how an artist can bring together multiple sources of inspiration, including stock images, to create something wholly unique. We asked Ingrid about the ideas behind her work: “I find that dynamic forms

Contributor Spotlight: Tiny Atlas Quarterly

[ad_1] Adobe Stock recently traveled to Tahiti in partnership with Tiny Atlas Quarterly and a group of incredibly talented photographers. During the trip, Emily traveled to remote corners of French Polynesia to capture images for Adobe Stock’s Premium collection (which will be available later this month). We spoke with Emily Nathan, photographer and founder of Tiny

Artist Spotlight: Ingrid Tsy | Creative Cloud blog by Adobe

[ad_1] 3D artist Ingrid Tsy previously caught the attention of Adobe when she was tasked with creating the landing page images for Adobe Marketing Cloud’s Target and Primetime. Her signature style of fluid lines, sharp textured patterns and surreal color pairings have brought her recognition in the design field. The futuristic, highly abstract designs lending

A Partnership that Really Pops: Innovation in Engagement Marketing

[ad_1] What happens when you take 16 talented digital designers skilled in industrial, graphic, UX and product design, and immerse them in a bootcamp on Adobe’s latest creative and collaboration tools? Can you imagine the outcome when they are then plunged into an intensive 3-hour challenge that requires innovation, teamwork and rapid adoption of a