WSU Student Creates Viral Tonight Show Video With Creative Cloud

[ad_1] Daniel Radcliffe is usually the one with audiences under his spell, but this time, it was Jake Sirianni’s turn to do a trick. To draw attention to his internship application (number 9816558) for The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Jake took footage from one of the late-night talk show’s most popular videos — a

Creating for Creatives

[ad_1] Roberto Blake grew up continuously creative and curious. At 13, his grandmother bought his family their first real computer and he fell in love with the idea that anything was accessible. That idea has stayed with him throughout his life and career. Today, he’s a prolific YouTube creator who gives advice to other creators

Adobe Releases Original Video Series Made Entirely of Stock Assets

[ad_1] The brief was simple: create an original video series made exclusively with Adobe Stock assets. Simple, but not easy. When San Francisco-based design & moving picture company Skycar Creative received the assignment, they were skeptical. “Our first thought was, cool! We get to make an original content series for Adobe. Our second thought was,

Available Now! Adobe Bridge CC 2015 version 6.3.1 with Adobe Stock Integration

[ad_1] Today we are happy to announce an update to Adobe Bridge that let’s you upload images directly from Adobe Bridge to Adobe Stock and reach millions of buyers. Using the new Publish panel in Bridge, you can now easily upload your photographs to the Adobe Stock Contributor Portal and monetize your work. To get

Behind the Image: The King of the Taiga, Brown Bear Photography with Erik Mandre

[ad_1] Anyone brave and daring enough to capture beautifully detailed and up close photographs of brown bears is definitely someone we needed to have share their experience with us. Enter Erik Mandre whose Adobe Stock portfolio is a stunning collection of wildlife imagery, with a large portion of it dedicated to brown bears in their natural environment.