The Go List: 8 Photographable Destinations

[ad_1] If you want to take beautiful photographs, location certainly helps. Emily Nathan, photographer and founder of travel-lust journal Tiny Atlas Quarterly certainly knows a thing or two about incredible locations, and she gives us her picks on the best places to go to score stunning imagery. Our bags are already packed… Tahiti, French Polynesia

Artist Spotlight: Benoit Challand | Creative Cloud blog by Adobe

[ad_1] Digital artist and 3D creative image extraordinaire Benoit Challand is our May featured artist, whose unique, bold and ultimately fun style, and playful use of colour and texture, caught our eye. We spoke to him to learn more about this multidisciplinary designer whose created campaign artwork for the likes of Jean Paul Gaultier, Nissan

April Visual Trend Exploration: Remote Travel

[ad_1] When you think about the environment, do you picture your own backyard, or do your thoughts drift to exotic locations — maybe lush rainforests or remote mountain ranges? For many of us, our lives are becoming more urban, so we’re looking to out-of-the-way places to help us rebuild our connection with nature. According to

April Visual Trend Exploration: Earth Day and Conservation Photography

[ad_1] In honour of Earth Day, we’re exploring the roles individuals and organizations play in spreading awareness of environmental issues, and the role images play in these conservation efforts. To get some insight, we spoke with accomplished conservation photographers and Adobe Stock Contributors Peter Chadwick and Tasha Van Zandt. Transcendent photos with an earthly mission.

Artist Spotlight: Ingrid Tsy | Creative Cloud blog by Adobe

[ad_1] 3D artist Ingrid Tsy previously caught the attention of Adobe when she was tasked with creating the landing page images for Adobe Marketing Cloud’s Target and Primetime. Her signature style of fluid lines, sharp textured patterns and surreal color pairings have brought her recognition in the design field. The futuristic, highly abstract designs lending

March Trend Exploration: Women Inspiring Women

[ad_1] This Women’s History Month, we’re reflecting on the role of women in creative professions. In this week’s Trend Exploration, we look to female artists who’ve overcome barriers in male-dominated creative fields, and whose work is breaking stereotypes and reimagining our images of women. Women inspire women. No artist creates alone — there are always

March Visual Trend Exploration: Female Creators On Role Models, Solidarity, and Defying Stereotypes

[ad_1] For Women’s History Month, we’ve been thinking about images of women — especially the ones that help obliterate stereotypes and replace them with new, more inspiring visions. We asked female creators about their experiences making feminist art and finding their voices in historically male-dominated fields, and the blank spaces waiting to be filled by

Artist Spotlight: Jing Zhang | Creative Cloud blog by Adobe

[ad_1] Jing Zhang’s fun, bright and infographic illustrations have gained her worldwide popularity. Her clients have included HSBC, IBM, Canon and Samsung owing much to her skill of combining information in a truly playful and digestible format. As our featured artist for March as part of our ‘Female Creator’ theme, we spoke to her to

Celebrating Wildlife with 500px for Adobe Stock

[ad_1] Photography has always played a significant role in conservation efforts. Photos and footage make wildlife accessible and relatable to people around the world, especially to those who may never see an elephant or a humpback whale in person in their lifetime. In honor of World Wildlife Day on March 3rd, we spoke with some of the wildlife