Stock Content Wanted: Summer Lifestyle

[ad_1] Summer is just around the corner, and with school breaks and family holidays on the horizon, Adobe Stock’s buyers are looking for authentic and timely images of the season from around the world. If you’re planning on heading out for vacation, that’s a perfect opportunity to shoot local, in-demand content for the stock marketplace.

Six Tips for Mastering Interiors Photography From Jodie Johnson

[ad_1] Australian lifestyle photographer Jodie Johnson started her career at an advertising firm, but after fifteen years of working with clients, the Melbourne native pivoted her career in a more creative direction. Now Jodie is an assignment and stock photographer who specializes in lifestyle and interiors. Here, she passes on her best tips for getting

Contributor Spotlight: Jodie Johnson | Creative Cloud blog by Adobe

[ad_1] Jodie Johnson is a lifestyle and interiors photographer and Adobe Stock Contributor based in Melbourne. With her background in advertising, she is perfectly poised to understand the needs of the buyer. We spoke with her about her journey into the stock industry, the lessons she learned and the advice she wishes to share with budding

Contributor Spotlight: Tiny Atlas Quarterly

[ad_1] Adobe Stock recently traveled to Tahiti in partnership with Tiny Atlas Quarterly and a group of incredibly talented photographers. During the trip, Emily traveled to remote corners of French Polynesia to capture images for Adobe Stock’s Premium collection (which will be available later this month). We spoke with Emily Nathan, photographer and founder of Tiny

Stock Content Wanted: Environment and Industry

[ad_1] Adobe Stock customers are looking for images, videos and vectors of the environment and industry – everything from scenes from the farm and the factory, to people interacting, protecting and improving the natural environment. More and more brands are becoming environmentally conscious and with Earth day only a month away, the time to submit

Contributor Spotlight: Helen Fields | Creative Cloud blog by Adobe

[ad_1] Helen Fields, AKA Hotelfoxtrot69, is a former lawyer turned stock videographer and Adobe Stock Contributor based in the UK. She left behind her career in law in pursuit of a more creative path, and she has since successfully transitioned to video production. Helen is spotlighted in our video The Female Creator, alongside photographer Eve Saint Ramon and designers

Celebrating Wildlife with 500px for Adobe Stock

[ad_1] Photography has always played a significant role in conservation efforts. Photos and footage make wildlife accessible and relatable to people around the world, especially to those who may never see an elephant or a humpback whale in person in their lifetime. In honor of World Wildlife Day on March 3rd, we spoke with some of the wildlife

The Power of Conservation Photography

[ad_1] “Some of my earliest and most precious memories are of sitting on the shoulders of my father as we tracked white rhino, Cape buffalo and Sable antelope herds in the Matopas National Park (in what is now Zimbabwe),” shares Peter Chadwick, award-winning conservation photographer and Adobe Stock Premium Contributor. By the time he was

Stock Industry Trends and Insights from Robert Harding

[ad_1] Robert Harding is a veteran travel and landscape photographer, and founder of his eponymous stock photo agency. With over 40 years of experience, he has seen the seismic shifts that have shaped the stock industry. We spoke with Robert and his colleague Mike Watson about the values of Robert Harding the agency, and the