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September is here and with summer in the rear-view mirror in our part of the world, it’s time to look forward at what new, exciting opportunities await. We’re continuing our series this fall, asking ‘UXperts’ from around the world to share great examples of web design. Here are a few of the websites they love, right now:

kiarra-julienKiarra Julien, Web & Graphic Designer at KJ Designs


Bob Galmarini is a web designer and art director who has a very clean approach to web design. His website’s color scheme is easy to look at: not too overpowering, and not too dull or boring.

The logo is clean and simple. The hexagon shape creates a circular effect that keeps your eyes focused on the logo as you go around in circles. It doesn’t lead you out and away.


The website itself is simple: only three pages. It gets to the point: view his portfolio of amazing work, learn a little about him, and then choose to get in touch. Best of all, his website is responsive and can be viewed perfectly across any platform.

I look up to Bob, because he knows what he’s doing.

matt-boehmMatt Boehm, Founder & Graphic Designer at Matt Boehm Design


There are only a handful of sites I have an open tab for every day. Flipboard is one of them.

The minute you launch the homepage you’re brought into an user experience that beautifully arranges all the information from sources you deem relevant and smartly suggests new ones that may tickle your curiosity.


Stories are presented to you in a clean, grid layout that looks pleasing to the eye on any screen size and they are easily saved, liked, or shared in a single click of the mouse. You can lost in a gorgeous sea of information just by scrolling through and never leaving the homepage (I’m a big fan of not wasting my precious energy on mouse clicks).

If you would like a more refined field of information, it’s incredibly easy to drill down to exactly what you want to see in seconds using the sites elegant nav bar. It’s always there for you pinned to the top of the window.

claire-savageClaire Savage, UX Designer at Savage Blackout


Lisa Hanawalt is an artist, author, and the production designer and producer of BoJack Horseman (one of my all-time favorite series).

Not only am I a huge fan of her work, but I find her site super easy to navigate. It’s simple and clean design is unlike some of the other artist’s sites I’ve seen. She showcases her work in larger photos, limiting the work the user sees to three per screen.

There’s also a subtle animation on the home screen that took me a minute to figure out: a three-screen zoom on an image from her latest book As far as the artist herself she is funny, talented, and inspiring, and her site captures that perfectly.


What websites are you loving right now? Let us know in the comments!

Patrick Faller

Patrick Faller

Patrick is a freelance writer, digital producer, journalist, and TV host. His background is news, but he has a passion for music, video games, and that special place where art and technology collide.


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