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Denmark is consistently ranked the happiness country in the world. The capital city, Copenhagen, is full of life and wonder, good food and spectacular sights that delight and inspire. Let Adobe Stock be your guide to this small but charming Scandinavian city.

Harbor View

“Copenhagen” literally means “Merchant’s Harbor” and the city is rich in its marine and mercantile history. A popular harbor destination is Nyhavn, where you can take a canal cruise to get your bearing around the city. The harbor is lined with restaurants and bars and in the warmer months, it’s the perfect place to enjoy lunch outdoors.


Bikers’ Paradise

Nine out of ten Danish people own a bicycle, so it’s no wonder then that over half of Copenhagen’s population commutes to work or school by cycling! There are dedicated bicycle lanes all around the city so cycling is one of the fastest and most convenient (not to mention environmentally friendly) ways to explore the town. Plus, it’s great exercise.


Innovative Cuisine

Copenhagen is home to some the most avant-garde restaurants in the world, and in 2016, twenty Michelin stars were awarded to restaurants in the city. For more casual cuisine, visit one of the many hot dog stands scattered around the city to try a “pølse” (the Danish word for sausage), a footlong sausage that’s served with a heaping mound of crispy onions, raw onions and pickles – a perfect snack after all that biking.


Free Town

Christiania is small pocket of 850 residents that operate freely as an autonomous neighborhood, independent from the Danish government. The town as rich in history as it is in controversy. Inside you will find buildings covered in murals, museums, parks, and Copenhagen’s “Green Light District.”


Land of Fairytales

Denmark is also home to one of the most beloved children’s writers in the world, Hans Christian Andersen. There’s a dedicated museum in town and by the Copenhagen waterfront is a statue dedicated to the Little Mermaid. Tivoli Gardens, the world’s oldest amusement park, is also in Copenhagen. Inside you will find numerous rides, enchanting pavilions and performances, theaters, and even an aquarium.


Feeling the “Hygge”

“Hygge” is the Danish word for coziness and it is very commonly used by locals to describe situations that make you feel warm and fuzzy inside. Wandering around the cobblestone streets of Copenhagen and sipping tea in one of their many local cafes will certainly help you experience hygge.


Eunsan Huh

Eunsan Huh

Eunsan Huh is a Marketing and Community Specialist at Adobe Stock. She joined Adobe by way of the Aviary acquisition in 2014 and has a background in social media and community management. She spends her weekends learning Icelandic and befriending neighbourhood dogs.


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