UX Design in Healthcare: 3M’s UX Design Principal Talks User-Centred Design in Life or Death Situations

[ad_1] Andy Vitale has one colorful background; before getting into design, he studied TV and radio before trying to make it as a professional wrestler. A desire to work in digital brought him to graphic design, launching him down a path that would see him become the UX Design Principal at 3M’s Health Care Business

Iteration Without Alienation: Instagram’s Masha Ioveva Shares Her Tips For Growing A Live Product

[ad_1] “Always apply to work with the best designers you can reach.” That’s been Masha Ioveva’s guiding career principle. It’s a mantra that’s taken her to some of the world’s top companies, including Apple, and eventually brought her to Instagram, where she is now one of those “best designers” in her own right. As one

Iconography, Typography, and Twitter: Designer Jeremy Reiss on Giving Products Personality

[ad_1] Design and baseball – those are two of designer Jeremy Reiss’ great pursuits; but it’s when he combined the two that he really hit a homerun. An active Twitter user, the social media giant came knocking after seeing a baseball-themed illustration and typography piece Reiss created. Now he’s working as a graphic designer in

Making the Freelance Hustle Work: Designer Michael Wong on Lessons Learned

[ad_1] Michael Wong is as enterprising as entrepreneurs come. The Australian product and UX designer has helped propel technology startups, like Lantern and Snappr, to success. To think, it all started over a game of Chinese chess with his grandfather. We asked Michael how he stands out in a crowded marketplace, and asked him to