• It was very informative, the lecturer was very knowledgeable & patient. All staff at Keyline are amazing!!! So friendly and helpful.

    Gina Wood | Derivco
    Adobe After Effects (2014)
  • Thanks so much Keyline Team. I really enjoyed my course. I find your business runs like a business; efficient and professional. You guys are great. I only wish I could have stayed longer.

    Sarah Andersen
    3 Month Desktop Publishing & Computer Graphics (2015)
  • Thank you so much. I enjoyed this course tremendously and learned so much during this short time with Keyline. I have already, and will in the future, recommend Keyline to all. Thanks to all lecturers and staff who have made this an invaluable experience, Keep up the great work!

    Ayesha Danka
    3 Month Desktop Publishing & Computer Graphics (2012)
  • Keyline takes such pride in their business as the environment was always neat and comfortable. The lecturers are enthusiastic and helpful, they made all the different modules exciting to learn. I am absolutely thrilled that I attended Keyline.

    Demi Mason | Barrows
    1 Year Digital Communication Design (2014)
  • Thank you so much for all your help and taking your time to come out and give me the assistance I needed. I am greatly appreciative.

    Grant Buttigieg
    JEEP Clothing & Accessories
  • Candace has really enjoyed the training course very much. She is full of enthusiasm and optimism to make a good career for herself in this exciting field of Graphic Design. Thank you very much for the opportunity you have given to get this training and for the encouragement you have given her.

    Michael Davids
    6 Month Desktop Publishing & Web Design (2012)

The future for business lies in the way it uses digital communication technology. Engaging and interactive content that can be updated and daily relevant, delivered fresh and smartly using traditional media and now more so new media like tablets, phones, digital displays and of course the internet will place companies at a distinct advantage and ensure their identity is in the forefront of consumers minds and pockets.

The key to successful implementation of these technologies lies in the quality of ‘hands-on’ training delivered to staff and students that need to use it. Keyline’s accredited expertise and proven track record with our demanding portfolio of corporate clients ensures that your investment in your software and training returns tangible results with the proper use of the design software, allowing you to take full advantage of modern day digital publishing opportunities.

Keyline Graphics is an Adobe Authorised Training Centre and Authorised Reseller operating in KZN for the last 12 years. We have an in-depth understanding of the need for efficient staff and technologies for productive design communication environments and are directly responsible for training and placing hundreds of designers, design workflows, software and hardware implementation strategies into various sectors of industry.

We are actively involved in the graphic communications industry and are aligned with driving developments in the ‘real world’. With our focused expertise we have formed meaningful consultancy relationships with key industry players, and partner major product launches and awareness campaigns with our suppliers.

Keyline is actively involved in the graphic communications industry and is aligned with driving developments in the ‘real world’. The training centre is driven with a wealth of knowledge in the communications industry.

We have worked extensively within the industry, and have an in-depth understanding of the need for efficient operators and are directly responsible for training and placing hundreds of students into various sectors of industry over the years. Keyline is committed to offering job placement assistance to successful students by way of comprehensive industry referrals and support.

Our Adobe Certified Instructors have successfully trained students over a wide spectrum from DTP and Web Design & Development courses for beginners or intermediate users, all the way to advanced upgrade training for our corporate clients.

Durban Adobe User Group We are also actively involved in the creative and development communities in Durban, as hosts of the Durban Adobe User Group. Why not come along to the next free bi-monthly event. Click the link for more info. Attendees are placed in a raffle for a 1 year Adobe Creative Cloud subscription!

Our continually expanding course portfolio makes us the leading graphics and web design & development training facility in Durban.

At Keyline we’re firm believers in maximising the amount of hands-on time you spend during any of our Adobe training, giving you the ability to navigate these incredibly powerful software packages with complete familiarity and confidence.

Once you’ve completed any of our graphic design courses you’ll have the skills required to apply for positions in this rapidly growing and exciting industry, and as the technology on which we consume content evolves, you could enjoy a career working at the cutting edge of new media, designing for smart-phones, tablets or digital displays.

Our Adobe training is available on both Mac and Windows platforms and we use the very latest technology to ensure our graphic design courses offer the best preparation for the cutting-edge environments you’ll encounter in the workplace.

With a reputation for excellence and an unrivalled track record, choosing Keyline for web design training allows you to take advantage of the limitless opportunities in both the traditional and new media sectors. Our graphic design courses are exceptional value for money, so invest in your future today with world-class Adobe training from the experts at Keyline.

Whether you’re new to graphic design courses or are an advanced user that needs upgrade training on the latest packages and techniques, Keyline Digital Design College can meet your training requirements with a range of Level 1, Level 2 and Specialist courses available.

The Keyline Training centre is a specialised learning and working environment equipped with state of the art Apple Macintosh hardware and the latest versions of industry standard digital design software. Students can choose whether they want to learn on the Windows platform or on Macintosh.

To ensure that each student receives the highest level of individual hands-on tuition, each course runs with a maximum of 15 students, with a dedicated workstation for the duration of their course.

Tours of facilities are arranged for students during their courses, enabling them to see aspects of their training put into practice.

the Keyline team


Skye is a founder of Keyline and was the first Adobe Certified Instructor in KZN
He joined the industry in 1993 and his favourite app is Photoshop. He also has a passion for building careers, marketing strategy and future-tech.

Irfaan (Skye)
Founder And Adobe Certified Instructor

Toni is a co-Founder and Adobe Certified Instructor
He joined the industry in 1989 and his favourite Application is InDesign
Toni has an insatiable appetite for helping students to make the software work for their ideas. He also has a deep passion for environmental management, Deep Sea Diving and is also a football coach!

Co-Founder And Adobe Certified Instructor

Aadam is an Adobe Certified Instructor who joined the industry in 2008. Getting creative in Cinema 4D is what Adam really enjoys. He is a super patient instructor who is happy in 'design mode’ or equally  taking students through the process of creating magic. He also spends time with community assistance and upliftment projects.

Adobe Certified Instructor

Bongani is what we call our 'moving pictures man’. He is our video technology specialist with a national diploma to match. So its not surprising that he loves Adobe Premiere, playing and creating music and since he’s also tied the knot this year, he is off course also enjoying being a great husband.

Video Consultant

Jibraan is an Adobe Certified Instructor and Web specialist. He joined the industry in 2008. Jibraan loves to push the limits of Photoshop and Dreamweaver, is an avid PC and PS4 gamer. When not fighting pixels he likes to fish and vape!

Adobe Certified Instructor

Sumayah joined us in 2013 and makes sure our accounts are in order, she also is our student and sales co-ordinator. Sumayah is off course at home in Microsoft Excel but loves her iPhone and iTunes as well! She loves to be out on the water and if at home, to sleep!

Accounts, Student Coordinator, and Sales Manager

Melissa joined Keyline in 2017 and is our Marketing and Co-ordinations specialist. She loves spending time with her family and friends, and also takes great pleasure in capturing unforgettable memories on her camera. Melissa is also responsible for keeping our website up to date, so please be sure to let her know if anything is amiss.

Marketing And Training Manager

corporate clients